Adylheim consists of seven fiefdoms that once formed the Arameian Empire, and the name is also given to the continent on which the fiefdoms reside. This is but the tip of the iceberg however; the fiefdoms are surrounded by various other countries that are home to races capable of living in their harsh conditions. The rest of the world is relatively unknown and ripe for exploration, and millions of other planes both dangerous and peaceful are accessible to those fortunate - or unfortunate - to know how to get there.

Adylheim map

Physical Map of Adylheim

The FiefdomsEdit

Cities and Other PlacesEdit

Extra Planar GeographyEdit

  • Planes - A list of some of the many strange Planes which are accessible.
  • The Realm of Faerie - The enchanted land of the faeries. Don't eat anything, don't bring any instruments, don't bring any iron. Never. Ever. Step off the path.


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